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Frequently asked questions

Only the sunrise/sunset Homa which is called Agnihotra can attract the flood of Prana at these special times in nature. Agnihotra in the context of Homa Therapy refers to this sunrise/sunset Homa alone.. It is Agnihotra that is the antidote to pollution- it is the flood of Prana (lifeforce)that does the job. It is therefore the most important Homa to perform for the sake of the planet’s well being and also for individual well being. Once Agnihotra is relatively established and maintained in your life then the other Homas can be added if you wish. The other Homas, such as Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa simply fortify the biosphere with more nutrition, fragrance and heightened vibration but they cannot create the biosphere.
The greatest benefit comes from maintaining Agnihotra practice twice daily. This way the biosphere of life giving energy and protection remains in tact. However just one Agnihotra provides so much healing for all of life in an area so know that whatever you can do is definitely worthwhile. It is important to know that the healing effect of Agnihotra sunrise lasts to the following Agnihotra sunset and so on. Therefore for the most powerful healing and protection twice daily Agnihotra is recommended. See this amazing experiment below demonstrating this clearly.
For Agnihotra to be effective timing to the second is critical. This is because we are tapping into an energy wave only available at the exact moment that the first rays hit your spot and when the last rays retreat, energetically. The timings in the newspaper for sunrise and sunset are not accurate enough. They are calculated according to a visual definition of sunrise /sunset as opposed to an energetic definition. The Vedic definition is the energetic moment and has nothing to do with the sun being visible or not. Even if a mountain is in the way the energetic moment is as per your Agnihotra time table Timesheets are available free of charge from any Homa Therapy Centre. As well as an accurate time sheet, which is specific to ones address only ( eg. Approx every 4 km the timings are different) one needs an accurate digital time piece. These need to be corrected regularly to a world clock. You can find a world clock on the Home Page of our website

Agnihotra reduces anxiety and depression

The  study below involved a group of 18 patients. The same group was subjected to 2 studies – performing Agnihotra once per day and two times per day during a period of 5 days and 10 days respectively. The condition of patients was monitored before and after performing Agnihotra.

The HADS index, combining anxiety and depression indicators was chosen as the main criterion of reliability. To all patients every day before procedure control of arterial pressure, measurement of pulse and an oxygen saturation was carried out on blood by a pulsoxymetry method and psychotesting by the HADS method was carried out. On completion of research the analysis of the received results of the HADS indexes was carried out.

Measurement of vital indicators during Agnihotra revealed no negative dynamics, and also revealed noticeable changes that testified to the safety of the method and its non-invasiveness. In all patients the normal warm rhythm remained, an oxygen saturation in blood, arterial pressure, pulse remained within normal figures, both in time, and after procedure.


The results show that Agnihotra is effective for treatment of conditions caused by raised stress, namely alarm and depression levels.

Study conducted by. Dmitry Yudin, Federation of Yoga of Russia. Russian Federation
Dr Ulrich Berk, German Association of Homa Therapy, Germany

Acceleration of inner growth 

Recently we have been in contact with people who have connected to Agnihotra  and Homa Therapy to such an extent that they have made it a priority and regular practice in their daily life. We have noted revolutionary changes in these people and in their life circumstances as a result. We have invited them to tell their story:


Aaron Ward, NSW Australia

Practicing sunrise and sunset Agnihotra daily plus most days an hour of Om Tryambakam Homa for the last 2 to 3 months has brought an incredible amount of coincidence and acceleration of inner and outer change in my life. Outer circumstances immediately came to a head and shifted the moment I took up Agnihotra. My sense is that deep and unresolved karma can now heal. The most profound occurrence was a deep sense of peace and grace experienced through Agnihotra. This has been a tremendous help to maintain personal stability and balance- amid outer turbulence. As such I look forward to each Homa and learning more about ash medicine and the transformational powers that are now available to me on my journey.

Child birth and Homa Therapy

The greatest start you could give to your new born is to conduct regular Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa during pregnancy. Agnihotra purifies the blood and corrects the homeostasis of the body and so much more so can only be – good for the mum , good for the baby.

If you are having a home birth, make sure Agnihotra is regulary performed in the birthing space. During the labour have a support person in a corner of the room conducting Om Tryambakam Homa. This creates a soothing nurturing atmosphere for all involved. Right when the baby is born do a Vyahruti Homa to invite the being into an harmonious  atmosphere where all 7 layers of Prana are brought into perfect balance.

After the birth the mother and baby greatly benefit from being in Agnihotra atmosphere. The mother cannot perform Agnihotra  while bleeding ie a minimum of 12 days until the bleeding stops but can sit close to Agnihotra performed by another during that time.

Mia and Jason Salisbury and their newly born son

Jason Salisbury writes from Bali

“Mia and I have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Mia gave birth to him at 11:52am on Sunday the 10th of November. He weighed in at a healthy 3.4kg and a height of 51cm. He was a “Caul Birth” Which means he was still in the embryonic sack when he came out. This is apparently super rare and considered Lucky in many cultures. He also had a Heart shaped placenta for extra specialness.”

  • Agnihotra was performed that morning at 5.50am

“Mia and I chose to do a lotus birth and leave the placenta attached to him until it fell away by itself. I treated the placenta twice a day with combination of Agnihotra ash and salt. On his 4th day he kicked the cord off like a true champ and said good bye to his little friend that had been with him for almost 10 months. yay!

We wanted to especially thank you guys ( for introducing us to Agnihotra). We are blessed to have crossed paths with you and feel you have greatly contributed to the health and wellbeing of Mia, myself and the new little soul.”

Protection and rapid healing with Agnihotra and ash medicine

Group Agnihotra at Breamlea, Victoria

Group Agnihotra at Breamlea, Victoria

“Recently Lee Ringma arrived at our home in Breamlea to prepare for an Agnihotra Workshop. All members of my family were in different stages of the Chicken Pox. My daughter Acarya , 8yrs (pictured 2nd left) , was experiencing high fever & a big headache, probably bordering on a migraine,& was at the tail-end of the Chicken Pox. She was crying in pain for some time and then Lee gave her water with Agnihotra ash. She drank a glass & within 10 minutes the headache was gone and she was incredibly brighter! It was beautiful….and very relieving. Then…Marcus my partner (32yrs) was upstairs in bed with a good dose of the chicken pox. He was not feeling great at all. So, of course!! Lee gave Marcus a pot of herbal tea with Agnihotra ash in it. Shortly after, Marcus said “I know this sounds strange but I feel like the chicken pox are leaving my body”. He continued to drink ash tea & water . Chicken pox  in adults can be awful, but Marcus ended up moving through it with ease.  For me ,there is no doubt of the connection between the ash and the heightened healing of Acarya & Marcus.”

Leonie from Breamlea, Vic 

“Hi Lee. My family and myself had a wonderful speedy recover from colds last week which I give tribute to Agnihotra ash. We all had symptoms on the Monday so I put ash in everyone’s water which they drank during the day and also by their beds at night. We all have very mild colds for 2 days and everyone was fine by Wednesday. My youngest daughter didn’t even develop into a cold. She just had temp for 24 hours then that was it. I only had a sniffle, as did my middle girl, my son had a cough for only a day. Generally I have over a week of misery with sick kids and that wasn’t the case this time. I was over the moon!!! Thank you Agnihotra!!!” (Also this cold bug is going around and people around us are having a much more intense and protracted experience- ed.)

Leesa Stringer from Torquay area Vic

“ I was out just after sunrise Agnihotra the other morning and throwing a stick for my beautiful Dog Archie and he always goes and finds the stick that we are going to throw and then I throw it..this one was big..butI didn’t pay throwing it bounced, he jumped and caught it …… it went straight into the back of his throat tearing it and his tongue badly……Well at 5.15am what do you do? ..he is so lucky..I got him back to the house, I made up ash water immediately i