Sky and Trees

Let us explain a little about our Homa Organic farm and Centre.

Lee and Frits Ringma are your hosts at Om Shree Dham. We have been running this Homa Therapy Centre and organic farm for over 27 years. Om Shree Dham is different from most organic farms that are working towards sustainability. We incorporate Agnihotra and other Homas into our farming practice and daily life. It specifically helps in the rejuvenation of the environment, creating a vital and nutritious foundation for nature. It also creates a peaceful, transformative atmosphere for people. Agnihotra is a pivotal practice here on the farm and a pivotal part of the daily program. Guests attend Agnihotra twice daily and partake of it’s relaxing, healing and rejuvenating atmosphere. The atmosphere itself is healing!

The attendance of Agnihotra twice daily is a requirement for your stay at Om Shree Dham.


Because of the transformational momentum created by Homa Therapy one would need to be open to such things as meditation and healing processes. The structure of the day is there to help this process. You may wish to learn Agnihotra and other Homas while here.


Homa Therapy Guests

There are multiple benefits to staying at Om Shree Dham- learning about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy, being in a transformational Homa atmosphere. Enjoying the unique and palpable peace, harmony and natural beauty created by years of Homas and mantras. As only vegetarian food is consumed here you reap the resultant health benefits. By participating in organic farming and other practical projects you gain skills thereby and the good vibes of service. Surrounded by hills and bush there are wonderful bush walks.

It is worth mentioning that the transformational atmosphere created by daily Homas is highly conducive to freeing oneself from unwanted habits. It has been the experience of many that cravings for example for cigarettes, coffee, sugar, alcohol, etc, surprisingly have a much lesser hold over a person in the Homa healing atmosphere. Om Shree Dham is happily and easily an alcohol, drugs and cigarette free zone. If you need to smoke tobacco you can do so outside of the boundaries of the farm.

General Conditions for Homa Therapy Guests

One of the unique practices here is ‘ahimsa”. This is a Sanskrit word for treating all living beings including insects with respect and love. Ahimsa means harmlessness or no killing, hence we also have a policy of vegetarianism. There is no meat, fish, eggs or genetically modified food allowed on the property.

Accomodation- from camping to luxury 
• BYO tent/ campervan- $20.00 per night. Extra person -$10
• Caravan – $30.00 per night. Extra person – $12.50 (max 2 people) use of outside bathroom.
Accommodation fee includes access to a bathroom with hot water and a communal fully equipped caravan kitchen.



BYO vegetarian only.

NB No fish, meat or eggs or animal rennet cheeses. Also no GMO ingredients allowed on the land. NB any food containing soy, corn, tomatoes, canola or cotton seed oil is most likely GMO unless certified organic.
There are regular trips to town for provisions.


Homa Therapy guests are asked to participate in the daily activities in the spirit of service.(Seva) These practical activities are important for grounding and integration when immersed in the heightened vibrational atmosphere created by Homa Therapy. Jobs include gardening, building, cleaning, food processing, helping package healing products.etc. – whatever is going and required. Everyone’s circumstances and needs are taken into account.
Generally people comment that this is a place of loving, peaceful atmosphere where there is room to be yourself and opportunity for inner growth.