Live a Homa Lifestyle

Staying at Om Shree Dham means living and experiencing a Homa lifestyle. You learn by osmosis. There are no formal courses during such a stay. It is more learning through direct participation.

Participate in the daily Homa program

Daily Healing Program


  • Sunrise Agnihotra – 20 min. meditation. Required to attend.
  • 10.00 am – Vyahruti Homa – 15 min. meditation.
  • 12 Midday – Vyahruti Homa followed by Gayatri mantra – 15min
  • 03.00 p.m. – Vyahruti Homa – 15 min. meditation.
  • Sunset Agnihotra – 20 min. meditation. Required to attend.
  • 09.00 p.m. – Vyahruti Homa followed by 15 Min.                          Om Tryambakam Homa.
This program is complimented by Om Tryambakam Homa daily taken in turns at various times throughout the day and as many hours of Om Tryambakam on full and new moons as possible.

Agnihotra is the pivotal practice

It is a requirement when staying at Om Shree Dham to attend Agnihotra, twice daily at sunrise and sunset. You may attend the other Homas throughout the day. After a couple of days you may wish to perform Agnihotra yourself while here.  Ask Lee or Frits for instruction.

Om Tryambakam Homa

Once Agnihotra is undertaken the next Homas one can choose to learn are Vyahruti and Om Tryambakam Homa.  After a couple of days of Agnihotra practice you may feel ready to learn these other Homas. Om Tryambakam Homa is an ongoing Homa. It both fortifies the biosphere created by Agnihotra and on a personal level is very good for processing ones issues and burning up ‘samskaras’ so to speak or the impressions in the sub-conscious mind.

Participate in the daily activities (4 hrs Seva a day)

Living in the heightened energy field or Homa biosphere is like living constantly on a spiritual retreat. Because of this grounding and integration occurs through service work. It is especially important to work in nature so gardening is ideal. In this way you will be also participating and learning about some Homa Organic farming principles.

Vegetarian meals

You provide for and prepare your own food. All food consumed on the property must be vegetarian (no eggs) and as much as possible organic.

Sunday gatherings

On request we offer talks on various aspects of Homa Therapy.