Homa Therapy Center and Homa Organic Farm

A high-energy biosphere is maintained by environmental healing Fires. People have commented that just entering into this atmosphere they experience healing. Attending twice daily Agnihotra facilitates this and working in nature helps integrate the transformational energies that the Homas bring. Meditation and healing is greatly facilitated, especially when performing the healing Fires yourselves. After a few days visitors are encouraged to learn how to perform not only Agnihotra but also Om Tryambakam Homa.

A unique and beautiful aspect of this system is the practice of Ahimsa (harmlessness to all living creatures). All of life benefits from the nutritionalised fragrant atmosphere and a balance is created in nature.

So that you can learn Homa Therapy by living it, there is caravan stay. One can also stay in ones own tent or camper van. At present we are building a healing Retreat and seminar Centre.

Lee and Frits Ringma, your hosts at Om Shree Dham, are Directors of Homa Therapy Association of Australia, a non-profit organization. They are the accredited Homa Therapy Teachers for Australasia. Once the Retreat Centre is completed, Agnihotra teacher training courses will be held at Om Shree Dham and also Homa Organic Farming courses and Homa Therapy Teacher training.

It is our joy to share this crucial knowledge and lifestyle with all

Daily Healing Program

  • Sunrise Agnihotra – 20 min. meditation. Required to attend.
  • 10.00 am – Vyahruti Homa – 15 min. meditation.
  • 12 Midday – Vyahruti Homa followed by Gayatri mantra – 15min
  • 03.00 p.m. – Vyahruti Homa – 15 min. meditation.
  • Sunset Agnihotra – 20 min. meditation. Required to attend.

This program is complimented by 4 hrs of Om Tryambakam Homa daily taken in turns at various times throughout the day and as many hours of Om Tryambakam on full and new moons as possible.



Conditions of Stay

If you are a practitioner of Agnihotra you are asked to perform Agnihotra twice daily. Otherwise we ask you to sit twice daily for Agnihotra and if staying on – to learn and practice Agnihotra yourself.

After the first week of stay you learn how to perform Om Tryambakam Homa. In this way you can add Om Tryambakam to your daily Fire practice. This contributes to the Homa biosphere and is transformative and healing on an emotional and mental level.

Work is part of the daily programme to contribute to the running of and development of Om Shree Dham and is a necessary means to integrate the transformational energies of Homa Therapy. Work, as service is part of the daily program and is not an exchange for accommodation etc. It is sometimes referred to as karma Yoga ( Yoga through action/work) or Seva (service).

Homa Therapy Guests

Homa Therapy Accomodation

Students of Homa Therapy


BYO tent / Campervan $20.00 per night. Extra person – $10.00 Min. 4 hrs service work.
Caravan provided $30.00 per night. Extra person – $12.50 (max 2 people) Min. 4 hrs service work.

For caravan and tent there is a separate bathroom facility with hot shower and toilet and access to a communal caravan kitchen.


BYO vegetarian only.

NB No fish, meat or eggs or animal rennet cheeses. Also no GMO ingredients allowed on the land. NB any food containing soy, corn, tomatoes, canola or cotton seed oil is most likely GMO unless certified organic.
There are regular trips to town for provisions.