Welcome to  the website of Om Shree Dham –  Homa Therapy Centre promoting wholistic ecology, organic farming and overall wellbeing. We are happy to welcome you to our life-style where we practice Agnihotra and other Homas daily. These are simple practices from Ayurveda involving pyramid Fires and resonance to bring life force, nutritional fragrance and heightened vibration into the environment. This helps nature function at her best which in turn nurtures our health. The main Homa is called Agnihotra and is performed at the precise time of sunrise and sunset, vitalizing all that lives within the biosphere- the trees, vegetables, wild life, ourselves etc. We invite you to stay with us and experience the effects this beautiful, rich environment has on your own health; mentally, physically and spiritually. You are also welcome to learn about the practices of Homa Therapy, a self empowering practice that you can continue at home if you wish.

Homa Therapy

Homa Therapy is an wholistic science that treats both the environment and the individual. The pivotal aspect of Homa Therapy is the regular practice of sunrise/sunset Agnihotra. Agnihotra is a small fire lit in an inverted copper pyramid accompanied by a short Sanskrit mantra at the exact moment of sunrise and sunset. It is an ancient Ayurvedic scientific method that taps into the  flood of Life Force( Prana), micro-nutrients and life sustaining energies that are available at these special times. Pollution in the atmosphere is now largely blocking and distorting this flood wave from the sun. By performing this simple short Homa these rejuvenating, purifying energies are drawn into the area where it is performed. It is the only Agnihotra that can do this, due to it’s interaction with the special energies available at sunrise and sunset. Another word used for healing fire is Yajnya. Agnihotra is a specific Yajnya or Homa. There are various Homas that can accompany one’s regular practice of Agnihotra. Agnihotra is the energy generator. Regular practice creates a healthy biosphere. The complimentary Homas such as Vyahruti and Om Tyrambakam Homa add more nutritional and vibrational content to the vital biosphere created by regular performance of Agnihotra.

Experiences of visitors of Om Shree Dham


While staying at Om Shree Dham for some weeks, I broke through a major issue. I had not realized what an intense influence it was having on my life from decision making to relationships. The breakthrough was so profound it has changed my life. I feel confident, free and at peace within myself and very clear.

Migraines are a real nightmare for me; I have been having attacks for 20 years. I had been having a slight pain on the left side of my head, of the sort that usually turns into a migraine. While staying at Om Shree Dham for retreat and rejuvenation to my great surprise the migraine did not develop in its usual debilitating and painful way and was totally gone in a short time. I was left full of energy and vitality. […] Drinking the ashes of the Agnihotra seemed to break the downward spiral
Sat Sarbat - China

Having stayed at Om Shree Dham for 6 weeks, I can’t help but notice more and more the harmonizing influence of Homa Therapy on the whole environment, the people, the animals … it’s a bit like you can hear the trees talking every time you walk pass them and it makes everybody and nature happy.”

Sophie - Germany