Free PDF price list for ordering cow dung for Agnihotra practice by mail within Australia


PDF for receiving larger quantities of dried cow dung cakes send by mail,reducing postal cost.
Price given includes Homa Organic cow dung and the current postage costs when paid by Direct Deposit into our account.

If required, payment by Credit card or PayPal are an option, however we pass the bank fees charged to us onto you.

Please consider the following before placing your order:

The dried cowdung we supply is for the specific use in Sunset and Sunrise Agnihotra and affiliated Homa’s as practiced in Homa Therapy only. We are  not able to supply cowdung for use in other Havans, Puja and Ceremonies.

To download the PDF.
Place as an order and Check out.
The PDF will be automatically send to your preferred email address.

To place your order you need to contact us directly.
Instructions on how to place your order are given in the PDF.



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