Standard Agnihotra kit $90.00

  • Pure Copper thick gauge Pyramid of prescribed size and shape,chemically-free manufactured in Australia at Om Shree Dham Homa Therapy Centre
  • Strong Tubular Copper Ghee Spoon
  • Copper Dish
  • Copper Tongs
  • Audio set of Mantras
  • Practical DVD on Homa Therapy
  • Book on Homa Therapy send as PDF
  • Comprehensive Information and instruction manual on Agnihotra
  • Sunrise and Sunset Timings

Also available as:

Basic Agnihotra kit $60.00

Containing the essential copper items including standard copper spoon and the Information Manual.

Starter Agnihotra kit  $120.00

As Standard kit, but also including a starter amount of 1 Kg cow dung, a small glass jar of cow Ghee and a hard copy book on Homa Therapy.