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Please note: For multiple item orders we combine postage. If unsure please inquire before submitting payment. Orders send by mail or courier are send at your own risk in regards to breakage or loss. Insurance is an optional extra upon request.

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  • Copper Ghee Bowl Used for Tryambakam Homa and other Homas in Homa Therapy. Can be placed on specially designed long base copper stand to keep ghee fluidic.
  • This pure copper and clear quartz crystal Yantra has been kept in a special place of Shakti (power) where it is additionally charged with high vibrations from Ayurvedic Healing Fires and Sanskrit Mantras, enhancing its healing power. It provides healing, protective and balancing energies and clarity of mind. The copper will take on its natural patina over time. Hand-crafted at Om Shree Dham, Australia.
  • A book titled  Grace Alone  about the simple steps and deep insights to unfold the divine within you whatever be your place in life. 79 pages
  • The Tryambakam set includes a long base copper stand, copper pyramid of prescribed size, square copper ghee bowl and small copper ghee spoon. For use when one already performs Agnihotra and want to add Om Tryambakam Homa to their Agnihotra practice. Not suitable for Agnihotra. The long base copper stand is designed to keep the ghee liquefied in the ghee bowl when performing ongoing Tryambakam. This set is also available without the copper pyramid for $45.00. It is recommended to keep the Agnihotra pyramid for Agnihotra only. Other Homa's like Om Tryambakam, are best done in a separate pyramid for energetic reasons.
  • Comprehensive information manual for Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. It covers the basic requirements on how to perform Agnihotra and other Yajnyas and also the finer aspects of Homa Therapy.Highly recommended when you start to perform Agnihotra. This manual is part of the Standard Agnihotra kit.
  •   Please consider the following before placing your order: The dried cowdung we supply is only for the specific use in Sunset and Sunrise Agnihotra and affiliated Homas as practiced in Homa Therapy. With all due respect regarding other Havans, Puja and Ceremonies, we are not able to supply cowdung for their use. Due to high demand for dried cowdung, allow at least 1 week before we can dispatch your order from the time that we have received the payment for your order. Thank you. Organic dried cowdung cakes from cows living in Homa Therapy atmosphere. Patties are made from fresh cow dung and dried in the sun.      
  • These necklaces are handmade to order by Lee Ringma. The links are made with semi-precious stones/Rudrakshas. You can choose your preferred Yantra, please contact us. Price includes regular mail within Australia. Insurance optional extra.