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Please note: For multiple item orders we combine postage. If unsure please inquire before submitting payment. Orders send by mail or courier are send at your own risk in regards to breakage or loss. Insurance is an optional extra upon request.

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  •   Please consider the following before placing your order: The dried cowdung we supply is only for the specific use in Sunset and Sunrise Agnihotra and affiliated Homa's as practiced in Homa Therapy. With all due respect in regards to other Havans, Puja and Ceremonies, we are not able to supply cowdung for their use.   Due to high demand for dried cowdung, allow at least 1 week before we can dispatch your order from the time we have received payment for your order. Thank you. Organic dried cowdung cakes from cows living in Homa Therapy atmosphere. Patties are made from fresh cow dung and dried in the sun.      
  • Agnihotra Kit

    Standard Agnihotra kit $90.00
    • Pure Copper thick gauge Pyramid of prescribed size and shape,chemically-free manufactured in Australia at Om Shree Dham Homa Therapy Centre
    • Strong Tubular Copper Ghee Spoon
    • Copper Dish
    • Copper Tongs
    • Audio set of Mantras
    • Practical DVD on Homa Therapy
    • eBook on Homa Therapy send as PDF
    • Comprehensive Information and instruction manual on Agnihotra
    • Sunrise and Sunset Timings
    Also available as: Basic Agnihotra kit $60.00 Containing the essential copper items including standard copper spoon and the Information Manual. Starter Agnihotra kit  $108.00 As Standard kit, but also including a starter amount of 1 Kg cow dung.    
  • High Quality “MOUNTAIN FOREST” INCENSE sticks. Exclusively imported by Om Shree Dham from India. Hand rolled, made of pure essential oils, wild crafted herbs and resins (organic) No chemical contents. Not dipped, long burning (approx 1 hr. each stick) Packed in cellophane. 7 fragrances. People have commented that our incense uplifts the atmosphere as well as having beautiful scents. Order 12 pkts for free postage, email us to place your order with this option.
  • Thick gauge pure Copper Pyramid chemically free manufactured in Australia at Om Shree Dham Homa Therapy centre. These pyramids are made of a thicker gauge than is generally available, making them sturdier and lasting longer. Made to the prescribed dimensions,shape and size for Agnihotra and other Homas in Homa Therapy. Note:  These copper pyramids are specifically made for the use of sunrise/sunset Agnihotra and other Homa's recommended in Homa Therapy only.  If you practice other Havan, Pujas, ceremonies etc. we recommend to obtain pyramids from Indian or similar supply shops.
  • Copper Pyramid Lid. Slides on rim of pyramid. Great for travel.
  • Thick gauge Copper Tongs used for Agnihotra
  • Copper Dish for rice and ghee offering in Agnihotra. Available in square or round model. Please indicate.